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St Helier harbour ship unloading

Documentary Photography in Jersey and the Channel Islands 

Working with international newspapers and magazines over the years has shaped and informed my attitude to editorial photography.
Knowing when to sit back and let the subject express their feelings both visually and verbally needs a completely different mindset to setting up and producing more formal and more traditional images.

A clear understanding of how the images will be used and the story behind them is also vitally important. My work is shaped and influenced not just by my own years of experience, but also from having studied the work of many of the great classic photographers and cutting-edge work of modern documentary photographers.

Understanding of real, technical photographic quality is fundamental, but in such a fast-moving area it's also vital to keep abreast of changes and trends in the way that images are used and presented, as well as the way that they are seen by the viewing public.
Ultimately, editorial and corporate work is about knowing how to tell the story of a complicated subject  - that can mean one single perfectly-constructed image or the detail and complexity of a series of photographs.
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