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With the quality of beautiful Italian craftsmen and design by Photoreportage using refined materials, with extreme attention to the finishing, these are the distinctive features of the Photoreportage Wedding Album. The perfectly lay-flat opening allows a panoramic and detailed view of the whole spread, including the parts positioned over the seam. The result is a nearly cinematographic, captivating experience.  The parent and pocketbooks have been specifically created to be a perfect reproduction af the main album. 


The parent books

This is the ideal gift for the parents or the closest relatives, and is available in the A4, A5 and A6 sizes,  The binding is exactly the same as the main book, and the selection of papers they can be printed on is wide and depends on the size chosen: from the textured or smooth paper.

The pocketbooks

The perfect memento of the day, these pocketbooks offer the chance to present friends with an unmatchable memento to thank them for attending your wedding. Pocketbooks are available in three different sizes, from 9 4x5” copies, 15 2.5x4” copies or 30 2x2.5” copies in vertical, square or landscape orientation. They are printed on smooth paper, with perfect binding and soft cover.

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