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RELATIONSHIPS Weddings are about relationships in so many ways.  As a photographer, it is a joy to record the love and excitement of a wedding and be part of the day. Without doubt, great photographs are the first part of our job, but the relationship between photographer and the couple and their family are a close second. Spending time designing the final wedding album with the feedback and guidance of the couple, in turn, produces better and more satisfying results.

Heather and Tony


Hi Gary.
I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the photos. Thank you so much for the wonderful album and the callender is amazing. 
You helped made our wedding day very special.
Thanks again Gary. 
Best wishes
Heather and Tony.

Matt and Sam

Thank you so much Gary!!
We are really struggling to choose our favourites. They're all so amazing!

Matt and Sam


Everyone is amazed

Everyone that has seen the book so far has been amazed by it, they all think it's beautiful and the photos are superb so thanks once again from me and Ad


The photos are just stunning!!

Hi Gary,
Thank you so much for sending us the link. The photos are just stunning!! They really capture the day and we ar eso pleased with them! Some of our friends and family viewed them last night, and everyone has said how excellent they are. 
What do we need to do now? Obviously we know that we need to give you our selections for putting into our album etc, but roughly how many photos should that be? Any guidance you could give us would be appreciated.
We will also try and decide which one we want to use as our poster print, but it will be difficult as there are so many to choose from!!
Once again thank you. We can't wait to see the finished album!!
Oliver and Louise


Love the pictures

Thanks so much Gary!!!
We really love the pictures!!! well done!!! many many thanks!
Jacqueline and Brian

Clare and Alan

U have captured our day perfectly

Hi Gary
Thank you so much we love the pictures they are amazing.... U have captured our day perfectly.... We love them! On our last day of honeymoon in Hawaii and this was a great way to end it looking through our pictures ! 
Speak soon.
Clare and Alan

Dan and Laura

Gary you are amazing!

Gary you are amazing! The albums look brilliant, and just in time for Mother's Day!! You have made us very popular, thank you so much.


Beautiful wedding books

Every body said; we've never seen such beautiful wedding books! Pictures are much more than marvellous, they makes people feel like they are already present at the wedding
Thank you Gary


Great memories

Hi Gary
Thanks for the photos, they are fantastic!! They bring back such great memories from the day.we are so happy with them.I didnt even realise that lots of them were been taken. Thank you so much for being part of our day and helping make it so enjoyable.

Camilla and James

Cracking pictures

Thanks for these, we've had a quick look and had a good chuckle at some of them! There are some cracking pictures in there.
We look forward to having a good look through them and reliving the day!


Des and Laura

So Pleased

Hi Gary,
The photos are great! Thank you so much! So pleased with them Laura

Niki and Rory

The pictures incredible

Oh my goodness, I've just spent the last 2 hours in front of the computer crying, thank you so much they are incredible, I can't wait to show Rory when he gets home.


Niki and Rory


absolutely thrilled

Thank you for sending the wedding album and the little books and calendar.  We are absolutely thrilled with it - it really is fantastic and something we will treasure. You did such a wonderful job of capturing our special day - we look forward to showing it to our children in years to come (our first is due in June!).

Karina and Tim

ECSTATIC with our wedding photos

Hi Gary, We both just wanted to say how ECSTATIC we are with our wedding photos.We were both speechless and emotional as we viewed for the first time (and the hundreds of times we've looked at them since).   Thank you soso much. We couldn't have hoped for them to be half as good as they  were.   You have captured every small individual moment (far too many to mention but the heart in the firework display was extremely impressive!).  We have had extremely positive and complimentary comments from family and friends, most quoting that they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen.

Hope that you are keeping well.  Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Karina and Tim

Suzy and Ian


Thank you and Mark so so much for the photographs, they truely are very lovely! You have done a brilliant job!! (:We couldn't have asked for a nicer or more talented photographer. You did very well to deal with our scattiness.
Thank you again Suzy and Ian

Nick and Soos


Hi Gary,

 Thank you for sending the thank you cards-they are superb!  Also the album with all the wedding photo's in is great.  It is nice to see them actually in print, rather than on a screen.We are going to find it very hard to choose the pictures to go in the album as we love them all!  How many roughly will you be wanting us to narrow it down to?  You could have least taken some bad ones to make our lives easier!!

Hope you are well and look forward to catching up soon,


Nick and Soos


The pictures are fantastic!

Thanks so much for the link - we have not stopped looking at the photos the last few days.  They are fantastic!  It's going to be difficult choosing the ones for our album.

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