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What can you expect from Photo Reportage on your wedding day?

Total commitment to capturing decisive moments that will be with you the rest of your life, whatever package you choose

In fact, it starts way before the day itself, all good photojournalists know, it’s understanding the story that gives them the edge and produces results that are out of the ordinary. Waiting and watching quietly when it is appropriate, or controlling the crowd for an iconic image is all part of the ways a trained photojournalist works. It's adjusting to suit the style and character of the couple and their families, rather than imposing a set of preconceived images onto the wedding. Working with not just

the couple, but the whole family helps to produce a strong bond that gives the images a real meaning and truth and a unique insight into the day that even the Bride and Groom may miss.


Commitment, the final presentation of the images, is an equally important part of the storytelling. All of the Albums created by Photo Reportage are designed in house and are therefore completely individual, as are the weddings they contain.

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